1. lostinurbanism:

    Tony Allen, Go Back featuring Damon Albarn

    (via theblackregime)

  2. summerinnyc:

Dear Summer…
  3. tornandfrayed:

James Brown at the North Sea Jazz Festival in July 1981, The Hague
  4. killerbeesting:

Leonard Freed, NYC, 1963
  5. reina-negrita:

    Earth mama looks

    photo cred:  blackfangirl

    (via theblackregime)

  6. bantuwax:

12.6500° N, 8.0000° W
  7. bantuwax:

#sundaychill with the lotus print #regram @fhatuwanimukheli #youngflyafrica
  8. alldopeeverything:

“A Lot a Learning,” by Leroy Campbell.
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