1. vasilisaforbes:

Dossier Journal ss13
  2. palmofmyhands:

Seydou KeïtaSans titre, circa 1960 13 x 18 cm
  3. blackhistoryalbum:

Grand Dame Queenie | Amy Sherald | 2013  Series 1 of 6
Amy Sherald: Painting Exhibition, Reginald L. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture, September 14 - December 29, 2013.www.amysherald.com
  4. thegiftsoflife:

James Stroud. "Together And Alone". 2009
  5. cafecongo:

Congo Life by Zvardon
  6. artblackafrica:

Tchif, Sedimentation, 2013
  7. artblackafrica:

Berry Bickle, Mercardo de Matola, 2008
  8. artblackafrica:

Nestor Da, Untitled No. 5, 2012.
  9. artblackafrica:

    Work by Angolan-Congolese photographer Ambriose Ngaimoko (1949–1999). 

    Ngaimoko grew up in Congo-Kinshasa as a refugee of Angola’s War of Independence. He opened his studio - Studio 3Z - in 1973 in Kitambo, and later had some of his works published in the anthology Kinshasa Photographers, from 1870 to 2000, organized in 2001 by Lye M. Yoka, Manda Tchebwa, Françoise Morimont and N’Goné Fall and edited by the Revue Noire. His works are also part of the exhibition “Black Africa”, exhibited in the event Fotoseptiembre in 2003 in the Gallery Lópes Quiroga, in Mexico City. (Biography via Buala)

  10. mangoestho:

    i am so here for whatever is happening over at exodus goods in new orleans…I AM HERE FOR IT! 


    (via artblackafrica)

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