1. aliilovely:


Vincent Tremeau 

  2. thedapperhomme:

creds: jeremyrodneyhall + kwvku
Bob Mazzer
London Underground in the 1970s/80s, Jumping for joy as the train comes in
  4. manufactoriel:

by Walker Evans
  5. fashionsambapita:

    LaurenceAirline Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

    by Adriano B.

    (via streetetiquette)

  6. thebkcircus:

Look Sharp It’s Sunday: Our first Sunday back in Brooklyn catching up with fellow villager Coconut Rob. #fortgreen #globalvillage #freedomhall #coconutrob
  7. lovesexandrelationships:

No matter how alpha the male, when you’re baby girl asks to have her toe nails painted, you’re painting!
  8. a—fri—ca:

by Jason Eric Hardwick
  9. a—fri—ca:

    These are images taken by photographer Jackie Nickerson, featured in her book Farm. The series of shots are documentations of the lives of migrant farm workers living in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi.   

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